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Twitter February 1, 2009

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twitter-2     For the past week Twitter has become part of my life. In the beginning I had trouble adjusting to the uses of Twitter. I was uncomfortable with “following” people and having “followers.” I did not understand the overall point of just writing brief thoughts.  After all, you are only allowed a limited amount of characters in each update. 

     As the week went on, I stopped writing posts like, “I’ve been doing homework for hours,” and “It’s time for dinner.” I began posting things that mean something to me. I posted the commerical that made me fall in love with traveling around the world. I began “following” FOX News, and this helped me keep up with the world. It seemed that whenever someone in my class would post a question, it would be answered withine ten minutes. This was amazing to me.

     Not only was I posting updates about my life, but my classmates were too. Twitter helped me get to know some of them a little bit more, without ever of having a conversation with them. People post things about their life, not just what they are doing, but what they find important. Questions were asked and answered.

     Although, Twitter is not my favorite website, I found it extremely interesting. It could become very addicting. Everyone enjoys learning things about other people and their lives. Twitter can help you learn up-to-date information, meet people, and maybe even obtain a job.


One Response to “Twitter”

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the One Week of Twitter experience. I’m glad you see the potential in Twitter for PR practitioners.

    Here’s another way of thinking about Twitter: imagine if the prompting question was “What has captured your attention?”

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