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Eras of Public Relations February 4, 2009

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     We met in groups and each discussed the section that we read. I read “The Next 50 Years” sections of chapter two.  This section was based on new technology that public relations specialists must keep up with. I chose this section to research because my career is in the future. I wanted to learn what to expect. Public relations uses a method called “social media,” which involves different site on the internet. 

      It was interesting to learn about the different eras throughout public relations. I was suprised that public relation tactics have been around for so long. It goes as far back as Pope Gregory XV using the word propaganda! I also learned that women have rescently become a major factor in public relations.  Women make up 70% of the public relations workforce.

     I have always known that technology such as computers and the internet make things easier in the every day life of a person, but I did not realize how helpful they were in public relations. Nothing can be done without technology. The boost in the economy in the early 90’s had a big increase in public relations. Companies and people had the extra money to advertise, thus needing public relations specialists.

     I would be interested in learning more of how public relations came into the world. I realize that men like Ivy Lee, Edward Bernays, and Moss Kendricks have made a major impact within the public relations world, but I would also like to learn of women who have influenced this community.  Women have become extremely active in today’s society, so I would like to know the influence they have had on public relations.


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