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Wag the Dog February 16, 2009

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wag-the-dog1. The characters in Wag the Dog are situational. They come up with ideas to boost the President’s numbers on the spot. For example, when the prisoner that they had to use as “Old Shoe” died, they decided to have an honorable funeral for him. Instead of finding another person to take his spot, they knew that the President would become more popular if they had a proper funeral for him. The people of America were so touched that the President moved up in the polls.

2. The PR practitioner was unethical according to the PRSA’s Code of Ethics based on his dishonestly. He did whatever it took in order to get the President re-elected. Some may see this as being hard working and respectable, but he should have been working for the good of the people instead of just the what helps the President. The entire country believed that there was a war. The movie producer and PR practitioner made the citizens belief work to their benefit. The country was in full swing with a non-existant war.

3. The logic behind the movie title, Wag the Dog is that the attention is focused on something else instead of the main situation that should remain in view. The made-up war took center stage right before the President’s re-election instead of the charges made against him. The voters of America forgot about the charges with the Firefly Girl, and instead focused on the war that the President seemed to be hadling very well.

4. In my opinion, I think that the PR practitioner has cast a positive and negative light on his role. The positive aspect is that he go the job done. He worked around the clock and succeeded in what he was hired to accomplish. On the other hand, he lied in order to achieve his goal. I feel that this has an extremely negative view on public relations. It might make clients distrustful and feel a little cheated out when it comes to fairness. Although the characters in this movie worked hard to help the President, I feel like it was not worth lying to the entire country. This movie puts a stereotype on public relations of doing whatever it takes to win, even if it comes to cheating its way to the top.wag-the-dog-2


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