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Top 10 Things you should Know about Job Interviews March 2, 2009

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Today in our Introduction to Pulic Relations class, we discussed things we found important to know before you begin a job interview. Professor Nixon talked about her ten most important things to remember. These are the top 10 most important things I believe will help you get the job you desire. I decided on these as being most important from the facts I learned in class and by researching on the internet. I learned the mistakes I would NOT want to make by going to

  1. Dress nicely. Appearances do matter. Men should wear suits and ties, while women should wear suit pants or skirts. It does not matter how the people working there are dressed. You do not work there at the moment, so you need to “dress to impress.”
  2. Prepare a resume that is crisp and clean. Add information that is important and suits the job you are applying for. If you list contacts for the employer to call, give your contacts a heads up. Let them know that you listed them on your resume so that they will be prepared for a phone call. The worst things that could happen would be for your contact to be caught off guard.
  3. While in the interview, turn your cell phone completely off. It would be terrible for your phone to ring. This is a common mistake, but by turning your phone off, you are showing that you are completely dedicated to this job interview.
  4. Research the company you are interviewing for. Knowing the background will help you become more qualified. It is a known fact, that a potential employee that knows the background of a company has a higher chance of getting the job then someone who did not research.
  5. It is okay to ask questions. This shows that you are interested.
  6. Prepare for questions to be asked to you. These may be situational questions, so be ready to state what you would/have done during a certain issue. It is better to act as if you have already received the job. Talk as if the situatuion has already happened to you.
  7. Always stand when someone walks into the interviewing room. It is important to show respect. Be sure to shake their hand firmly. If you have a name tag, place it on the right side of your chest. People shake with the right hand, so they will be forced to look at your name tag, thus remember it.
  8. No matter what happens during the interview, stay calm. This will show that you can stay in control during difficult situations. Professor Nixon gave an example of a women would had a dinner interview. She spilled spaghetti on her shirt, but acted as if it did not bother her. After she was hired, the employer stated that she was chosen over the other potential employee because she stayed calm and did not let it distract her during the rest of her interview.
  9. Make eye contact. This proves that you can hold a conversation and that you have confidence in yourself.
  10. Follow up every interview with a “thank you” letter. Be sure to spell all names correctly. Write a letter to each person you interviewed with, instead of a letter to the entire company. Writing a letter proves that you are respectful and responsible. It shows that you are truly interested in the job.

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