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Chapter 3-Ethics and Professionalism March 27, 2009

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Our Public Relations class goes hand in hand with “Public Relations Strategies and Tactics,” the ninth addition  written Dennis Wilcox and Glen Cameron.

Chapter 3 is based on the moral ethics involved in public relations. Professionals must be respectful to their clients, and follow the Code of Ethics. Be loyal and fair makes public relations more professional. Employees in the public relations field must continue to get trained throughout their career. Keeping up to date, helps the company to grow and succeed.

I found it extremely interesting that “Gifts of any kind, according to PRSA, can be contaminate the free flow of accurate and truthful information to the public.” (Page 89). So, if a potential customer sends flowers or food, is it considered a bribe to get better service, or maybe considered a form of payment? The book, gives an example of customers receiving laptops from Microsoft for being good bloggers. Other customers were then upset that they did not receive laptop. The company sending the computers was looked down upon because it seemed as if they were bribing customers to continues service with them.

In today’s times, public relations, journalism, and advertising are becoming connected and joined as one. These three fields are beginning to mold into each other. They need each other to succeed. In order for public relations to continue, the information must be advertised. This also deals with journalism in the way that spreads the word.

This chapter helped me to realize that ethics is important in the public relations work field. Professionals must stay up-to-date with technology and overrall knowledge. They must also be honorable in order to keep their accreditation.


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