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“Tribes” by: Seth Godin March 27, 2009

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seth-godin-21Our Public Relations professor had us watch a speech given by Seth Godin on his book called “Tribes.” Mr. Godin begins his speech by talking about how having more of anything is better. It is human nature to want more. I liked how he began showing pictures on the screen. They were funny, which kept me interested in what he was saying. His introduction discussed on how there is a shortage of leaders in the world today. Money, economic status, or race do not make a person a leader. Nothing stops someone from becoming a leader except themself.

Godin then began to speak on how it is human nature to want to belong. This brought him to define “tribes.” He stated that a tribe is a group of people that share something in common. Human beings like doing what other human beings are doing, thus resulting in a common interest. How many “tribes” do you belong to? I am a part of a sorority here at Georgia Southern, I attend a church, and I am on a softball team. Godin explains that there have been 3 main tribes since the beginning of time; church, work, and community. Everyone in each of these tribes have something in common. They are interested in the same career field, have the same faith, or reside in the same area.

There are thousands of tribes in the world. Anyone can start a tribe, and anyone can join a tribe.

Godin goes back to discussing leaders. Someone must “run” the tribe, yet he says he is picky about using the word “run” because no one likes to be told what to do. A leader must lead, the group. A leader must guide the tribe.

I enjoyed watching Godin’s speech. He was interesting and his topic made sense to me. Everyone is part of a tribe, so this was the perfect topic to speak on because everyone could relate.seth-godin


Seth Godin’s speech on his book “Tribes” can be watched at


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