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Chapter 5-Research April 8, 2009

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This post is about Chapter 5 in the book titled, “Public Relations Strategies and Tactics” ninths edtion, written by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron.

I really liked how this chapter was broken down. I liked how the authors took each section of research and broke each one down. “Secondary Research” is defined as research that is gotten from sources such as “reference books, computer databases, and online searches.” The book then goes into detail on how to find information within each of these sources. The internet is extremely important when it comes to research. In today’s time, almost any subject can be found on the interet. This is very useful. The next topic the book breaks down is “Qualitative Research.” This sections helps to establish the attitude and popularity of a product or company. Research is done with content analysis, interviews, focus groups, copy testing, and ethnographic techniques. The feedback is helpful in making the product/company more successful. “Quantitative Research” is all about making the company more effective.  Techniques such as random sampling and sample size are used to figure out what the public is thinking. “Questionnaire Construction” is the most popular way to receive information. Getting the opinion of the people that used the product or dealt with the company will help get a better feel of the problems that need to be fixed. People are not afraid to tell how they feel, so I believe that this is the best tactic when making improvements to something.


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