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Another Shot at Twitter April 23, 2009

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twitter_logoMy professor for Public Relations, Barbara Nixon, asked us to try Twitter out again for 48 hours. The first time the class was asked to use Twitter, I was extremely confused. I did not understand followers, following, or the term “tweeting.” I did not get the overall concept of what Twitter was supposed to be used for. I now understand the fascination. A person on Twitter can learn more than just what someone has planned for that afternoon. People can ask for advice and receive answers almost instantly. I actually like the fact that the characters are limited. This makes people tweet to the point, without adding in unimportant information.

At first, I was uncomfortable with “following” people and being “followed.” I thought it was a little creepy, but now I think it is great that you do not have to wait for the person to accept you, like on Facebook. Twitter is not extremely personal, so there is no need to be worried when people “follow” you. I take it as a compliment!

Celebrities and professionals in all different fields have become familiar with the site. Twitter is now heard being discussed on radio shows, the news, and even sports center. It is a great way to spread the word to many viewers at once.

For the past 48 hours I have become interested in PR professionals that are using twitter. An Atlanta site tweets information on ways to help out around the community, as well as upcoming events in the down town area. You can Twitter them @downtownatl. Growing up around Atlanta, I find this site very interesting because it helps to spread the word around about what is happening in the Atlanta area. You can also tweet them at I hope to one day become a wedding planner, which is why I have been “following” They give random tips and send out ads on how to make your “dream” wedding come true. You can read more on their Twitter @BelleWedding. This group proves that twitter can help to bring business in. The third professional I have been following can be found @BroadgatePR. There are “tweets” on surveys and tips on public relation skills. I enjoyed looking at the links they posted that were all based around journalism and public relations.

When our class first began using Twitter, I was uncomfortable and considered it an inconvenience to get on this site. Now, I find myself checking Twitter as much as I do Facebook!

You can Twitter me @laurens918.


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