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Dominos April 25, 2009

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dominos-pizzaDuring a Public Relations class with Professor Barbara Nixon, we watched a YouTube video on a couple of teenage employees working at Dominos Pizza. The video showed these employees making orders to deliver out to customers. The young man in the video put cheese up this nose along with blowing his nose onto the sandwich he was preparing. The young woman urges him on as she video tapes him.

This video is not only disgusting, but it ruined a large company’s reputation. Thousands of families across America will now think twice before they pick up their phone to order a large cheese pizza.

I do not think that people realize that what they do affects others.  The students that made this video claim that it was a joke and that the orders were never sent out. Even if this is true, they seriously hurt the company.  Although Dominos apologized a couple days after the event, the public is still unsure. Professor Nixon made a good point in our class on the fact that it took Dominos two days to send out an apology on the internet. I feel like that they should have reacted instantly. Taking their time makes it seem as if they do not find this issue to be a big deal.

Public relations is based on organization and being prompt. Apologizing two days after the issue is not prompt. They could have handle this situation differently in order to show the public that they matter.


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