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In Repsonse to Study Tips April 25, 2009

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I read “How To Study for Final Exams,” and found it very useful.

As a sophomore at Georgia Souther University, I still find not only finals week, but the weeks prior to finals extremely stressful. I spend many sleepless night, either studying for a quiz, preparing for a speech, or just plain worrying over how much work I have to do the next day. These tips helped me to form a plan to stress less in these next few weeks.

I found some of these tips I found most useful. I have also added some of my own.

  • Write out the day and time of each final. This way you will know when you will have time to study for that final and how much time you will have after to study for the following final.
  • Always go to final review sessions that professor have outside of class. This is a grea time to ask questions and get more information on the topics that will be questioned during the exam.
  • If you have a final online, I suggest you use a computer on campus. It is rare for computers to lose internet connection or crash while on campus. There have been numerous times when my own computer has shut off or lost connection while I was typing a paper or taking an online quiz. Taking the exam on a campus computer will also ensure that you will have less distractions, like a tv or food in the kitchen.
  • Do not stay up all night studying the night before the exam. There are hundreds of horror stories of students pulling an all nighter and then passing out right before the exam, thus missing it. Some professors might understand, but others will not see this as an excuse. It would be terrible to receive a zero on the final exam after you spent hours studying for it.
  • On the day of the exam, make sure you eat breakfast. Do not drink too much coffee or coke because this could cause you to not be able to concentrate.

Good luck to all of you these next few weeks. Work hard because these last papers and quizzes could make all the difference!desk-cahirs1


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