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My Dad April 25, 2009

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This blog is dedicated to someone who has shaped my life to the fullest extent. christmas-0151

Standing at an even 6 feet, my daddy has crystal clear blue eyes; exactly like the ocean, which happens to be his favorite place.  He has soft, thin once-brown- now- gray hair. He is extremely athletic, but has recently gained weight since he has stopped smoking. He wears collared shirts with khaki shorts and tennis shoes to work. After a long day he can be found in his worn down easy chair with a hat over his eyes, sleeping. He is an extremely hard worker and says that you “should never half ass anything.”  I have never met someone who my dad could not make laugh with either one of his corny jokes that he received in his latest email or just by the random things he says.

            I have lost track on the amounts of times that people have told me how strangely alike I am to my dad. We have the same oddly shaped nose and a kind of finger nails that nail artists cringe at the sight of. My father and I are impatient, loud, and easily angered; but we are also honest and caring.  My daddy has been through a lot; losing both parents and a brother along with struggles to keep his business running. He has taught me to never quit something I started and to not let others bring me down.



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