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Where I Stand April 25, 2009

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My English professor, Dr. Martwiz, read us something she created. It was a description of her likes, dislikes, and beliefs. The sentence of each paragraph started with the same words. After class, I wrote my own.  I think that expressing yourself on paper, helps you to realize things that you never knew.


I am a girl. I am emotional and want to be loved. I am a student who is willing to work hard as long as there is a reward. I am a “people person,” meaning that I do not like being alone. I am nineteen years old and have finally realized that contrary to my previous beliefs, I do not know everything about life. I am a good listener, even though I love talking more. I am open to new things and people.


I like to eat popcorn when I watch movies and blueberry bagels for breakfast. I like walking in the rain and playing in the snow. I like the color pink and sitting on the back porch swing with my dad. I like sunflowers. I like to sleep way past noon and I like driving with the windows down. I like taking long showers and getting respect. I like feeling secure and I like anything that contains chocolate. 


I believe in God and that he is a part of everything in life. I believe that absence does make the heart grow fonder and that sunglasses were one of the greatest inventions. I believe in living in the moment and that everyone needs a best friend. I believe that a chick flick and a tub of ice cream will solve any problem. I believe that everything happens for a reason and I believe that exercise is extremely important. I believe in myself.


I do not care for mustard or sweet tea. I do not care for bikes, math problems, cold weather, being told what to do, or immaturity. I do not care for laziness or lies. I do not care for horses, roaches, Mondays, tennis, disorganization, or mowing the grass.


I am tired of self- pettiness and people worrying about what others think. I am tired of going to bed too late and waking up too early. I am tired of hearing about my family arguments; I went to school to get away from this. I am tired of hearing about the guys new video games next door and how slow my computer is running. I am tired of hearing about how all I have to eat are frozen dinners and cereal.


I favor summer over any other season. I favor gossiping with my roommates over studying. I favor honest opinions over white lies and chocolate chip cookies over sugar ones. I favor college over high school. I favor tanning out by the pool, sleepovers, movie nights, surfing llthe internet, and shopping. I favor Target over Wal-mart. I favor pet fish and frogs. I favor steak over any meal and I favor my dad’s theories. I favor baseball over basketball and blue jeans instead of khakis. I favor the beach and my mom’s spaghetti.



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