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Chatper 8- Evaluation April 26, 2009

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This chapter can be found in “Public Relations Strategies and Tactic,” the ninth edition, written by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron.

To evaluate means to break something down piece by piece in order to understand. Evaluating plays a major role while dealing with public relations. Professionals like to evaluate events in order to understand what the viewer thought of it.

  • In order to evaluate properly, you first must establish what you want to learn about.
  • Evaluating throughout the entire process with help find any errors or things that could have been done better. You will also learn subjects that worked well for the program.
  • A group can evaluate by just looking at how the news reacts. Determine how many news releases were printed and what the anchors are actually saying.
  • In today’s time, you can also learn opinions through the internet. Blogs, Twitter, and just plain googling can help the evaluator learn how the public feels.
  • If people want more information after the event has taken place, then it shows that they are interested. If people appreciated the program enough to request  more information, then it proves that they enjoyed it.
  • The book states that another way to evaluate is by “Return of Investment.” This means that  the cost of reaching each member of the audience will determine if the exposure was proper. The example they gave, makes this definition more clear. The book reads, “Although a 30-second commercial during the 2007 Super Bowl telecast cost $2.6 million, advertisers believed it was well worth the price because an audience of more than 150 million would be reached for less than a half-cent each.” (page 203). This example proves that spending a lot of money is the right choice if it is reaching millions of viewers.
  • The simple way of evaluating are also listed in the chapter. The professionals may pass out a written survey or to simply pay attention to the audience during the planned event. Even with today’s technology, I feel like these ways might still be the best when it comes to evaluating.

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