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Elvis Presley April 28, 2009

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elvis1He is known as the “King of Rock N’ Roll.’ He is a cultural icon. He was a great actor, musician, and singer. Today, there are thousands of people in the United States impersonating him. Today, his songs are still played on the radio, and his movies have been turned into musicals. Today, he holds a spot in four music halls of fame, and during his time, he set records for highest concert attendance and record sales. Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi on January 8, 1935. Elvis was the man who integrated different forms of music, bringing all races together. Elvis’ concerts cannot be compared to others because of their originality. He influenced people during his glory days, and he is still influencing music today.

Elvis integrated different kinds of music within the songs he performed. He took jazz, blues, gospel, and country, and mixed them together. He came upon the music scene in 1957. This new version of music was popular with every race, which was uncommon during this time period. In the beginning of his career, many news papers called him a racist because they thought he was making fun of blues and jazz singers. They soon saw that his music was liked by all because of its mixture. His songs were catchy and easy to dance to. Presley’s music began the phenomenon of rock and roll. His music was like wild fire spreading across the entire country.

Elvis performed on stage like no other singer had before. His moves were very dramatic and inappropriate for this time period. Many believed that his moves were too suggestive, such as his first TV appearance, where he was only shown from the waist up because of these moves. He soon became known as a sex symbol for his era. Elvis could always be spotted in a leathered, jeweled outfit while performing, and he would often pull girls from the audience up on stage to sing with him. He had jet black locks and long side burns. His deep and distinctive voice made his song easily recognizable. His good looks and tan, fit body made him any girl’s “dream boy.”

Elvis never performed outside of the United States, yet he influenced the entire world. Elvis proved that it was possible for anyone to be successful. He was an average man. He came from a working-class family; he was drafted into the army and held odd jobs as a young man, yet he still managed to fulfill his dream. He is still influencing the world today with his movies and music. His songs are used for commercials and his famous quotes like “Thankyouverymuch” are used throughout conversations in movies and everyday life.

Although he continued to perform, the last years of his life were full of drugs and depression. Elvis and his wife of 6 years divorced in 1973, and he died on August 16, 1977 from an alleged accidental overdose. People still say that he is alive; he is alive through his music. Elvis changed the face of music by bringing people of different races together. In a time of segregation, he connected them. Pictures and songs of his are instantly recognizable. Elvis Presley will never be forgotten, not just because of his dress appearance and exceptional performances, but because of the impact he still has on the music society today.


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