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Chapter 11- Reaching a Multicultural and Diverse Audience April 29, 2009

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worldThis chapter can be found in “Public Relations Strategies and Tactic,” the ninth edition, written by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron.

This chapter was my favorite to read because it was the most interesting. Reading about how public relations affects different groups intrigued me.

Beginning on page 279, there is a section based on the different age groups and how public relations is related.

Youth and young adults is the first section. This group includes Generation Y (those born after 1980) and Generation X (those born between 1965 and 1980). Facts such as the average Generation Y spends 23 years online and as much time seeing their friends in person as they do talking to them online.

The next section is about Baby Boomers. These people were born between 1946 and 1964. They are called “baby boomers” because this generation appeared after World War II when all the soliders returned from over seas. This generation cares about the world. They work hard for a cause.

The last section is about Seniors. These people are not easily persuaded. They volunteer often. They are better off than many think because they are good at saving money.

It is important to make sure that whatever you are working on in the public relations field is ethic. You would not want to offend anyone. Some professionals in the public relations field focus on a certain group. Advertising to  a certain race may help you gain the most business.

In today’s society, people watch television and get on the internet multiple times every day. They are constantly seeing advertisements.


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