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Chapter 9- Public Opinion and Persuasion April 29, 2009

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This chapter can be found in “Public Relations Strategies and Tactic,” the ninth edition, written by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron.

  • Public opinion is how the audience feels about the speech, product, or company.
  • There are different types of leaders.
  • One type is “power leaders,” who are those in formal leadership roles.
  • Another type is “informal opinion leader.” This type is leader within a group of peers. These leaders are admired and looked up to for this work ability.
  • Persuasion has been around since mankind. People persuade others on simple things like what to eat for dinner or what to wear.
  • In publie relations, persuasion can be used to solve issues within varying opinions.
  • Factors within persuasion are: audience analysis, source credibility, appeal to self-interest, message clarity, timing and context, audience participation, suggestions for action, content and structure of message, and persuasive speaking.


On page 241, there is a list of the ethics of persuasion. Here are the ones I found most useful.

  • Do not intentionally use specious, unsupported, or illogical reasoning.
  • Do not deceive your audience by concealing your real purpose, your self-interest, the group you present, or your position as an advocate of a viewpoint.
  • Do not advocate something in which you do not believe yourself.

I feel like the quote that describes the entire chapter is on page 241. It says, “Persuasive messages require truth, honesty, and candor for two practical reasons.”


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