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A Dutch Tragedy April 30, 2009

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What was supposed to be a holiday in the Dutch community turned into a tragedy. During a Dutch parade to celebrate the Queen and her family, a black car drove through the crowd and then crashed into a monument. The driver, who is a 38 year old Dutch, told police that he was trying to hit the bus that the Queen and her royal family were on.  The driver killed 5 people and injured 12 others. He was sent to the hospital with a head injury.

The queen gave a speech, expressing her sympathy to the victims and their families.

I think that it is sad that people dislike others so much that they would drive through a crowd to try to hit them. There are other ways to handle situations. The man who drove through the parade has never been in trouble with the law before and he does not have any metal disabilities.

I think this articlecrown is interesting because this report was posted so quickly. I think that it is very impressive how a reporter can get information out so quickly. This article already had quotes from bystanders and what police officers had said. There are videos posted of the actual event taking place. Technology is everywhere, and this proves it. People in the crowd videoed the car on their phone cameras and then sent them into news stations.

It is important to get information out quickly in order to inform the public. Letting people know might lead to more answers that the police have.


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