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Chapter 14- News Releases, Media Alerts, and Pitch Letters April 30, 2009

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This chapter can be found in “Public Relations Strategies and Tactic,” the ninth edition, written by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron.

These are the important points I read in Chapter 14 for my Introduction to Public Relations class.

  • News releases are written by someone who wants to inform the public of an event, product, or company.
  •  These releases are sent to editors of news papers.
  • This is the largest source that is published into a news paper.
  • The key thing when writing a news release is to make sure the key message gets across.
  • It is also important for the writer of a news release to reach the right audience. news
  • Publicity photos make news releases more interesting.
  • The photos angle, lighting, and objects are important.
  • A mat release is a news release but it has a featured angle.
  • The featured angle can give tips or information on an object.
  • A mat release is usually located in the food or travel section of the paper.
  • Advisors let news papers know about events that are in the near future.
  • Fact sheets are used to get the basic information.
  • Media kits are folders that contain photos, releases, and all information about a company or product.
  • E-kits are media kits put on a CD.
  • The most costly thing about a media kit is the printing for it, so many journalists now put all their information on a CD.
  • Pitch letters are ideas sent to editors on articles to write about.
  • Publicity letters can be sent in five ways: mail, fax, e-mail, electronic wire services, and web pressrooms.

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