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A Dutch Tragedy April 30, 2009

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What was supposed to be a holiday in the Dutch community turned into a tragedy. During a Dutch parade to celebrate the Queen and her family, a black car drove through the crowd and then crashed into a monument. The driver, who is a 38 year old Dutch, told police that he was trying to hit the bus that the Queen and her royal family were on.  The driver killed 5 people and injured 12 others. He was sent to the hospital with a head injury.

The queen gave a speech, expressing her sympathy to the victims and their families.

I think that it is sad that people dislike others so much that they would drive through a crowd to try to hit them. There are other ways to handle situations. The man who drove through the parade has never been in trouble with the law before and he does not have any metal disabilities.

I think this articlecrown is interesting because this report was posted so quickly. I think that it is very impressive how a reporter can get information out so quickly. This article already had quotes from bystanders and what police officers had said. There are videos posted of the actual event taking place. Technology is everywhere, and this proves it. People in the crowd videoed the car on their phone cameras and then sent them into news stations.

It is important to get information out quickly in order to inform the public. Letting people know might lead to more answers that the police have.


Swine Flu

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As most have you have already heard on the news, there has been an outbreak of the swine flu in Mexico. The flu has now killed 150 people in Mexico and has effected 68 people in the United States. There has been one death from the swine flu in the Untied States. A Mexican toddler died while visiting family in Texas. A private school in New York has had 48 students with the swine flu symptoms.

Symptoms include fever, coughing, swollen throats, and trouble breathing.


I think the government is doing the right thing by taking precautions. This could turn into a serious case throughout our country. Cuba has stopped all flights to and from Mexico, and I think we should do the same. The children at the school in New York got swine flu from vacationing in Mexico. I do not think citizens should be able to go there because there is a risk that they could bring the flu back.

Although, experts have said that the swine flu does not come from eating pork, people are now scared to order it. Pork companies are losing a lot of business. Along with dealing with earth quakes and the swine flu, some countries are no longer ordering food products from Mexico. This country is suffering economically because of the out break of this illness.

Scientists say that they are 1/3 of the way to finding a cure. Once they find the right vaccine, they will have to test it, and this could take months.

Until the swine flu is under control, the economy in different countries will continue to decline. Companies are struggling.


Smoke Out for Lung Cancer April 27, 2009

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(After learning about broadcasting in my Public relations course, I decided to try to write one myself. I am a member of the sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, and we were part of a fundraiser to help find a cure for lung cancer. )

Third Annual Smoke Out for Lung Cancerbbq

Fraternity, Delta Tau Delta and sorority, Alpha Delta Pi hosted the third annual Smoke Out for Lung Cancer BBQ dinner. The $4,600 proceeds of the tickets sold went towards research for lung cancer.

The dinner was held between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. at the Recreation Center at Georgia Southern University.

Philanthropy Chair for Alpha Delta Pi, Jessie Joiner, was in charge of advertising the event around Statesboro. She hung flyers throughout Georgia Southern’s campus and set up times for groups to hand out pamphlets.

Joiner described the event, “Smoke Out will hopefully show people that philanthropy events are more than trying to take people’s money, but an easy, fun and delicious way for college students to impact other’s lives in huge ways.”

Members of the sorority and fraternity sold tickets to the Statesboro community. BBQ, coleslaw, baked beans, and a drink were included in the $5 meal ticket. Everyone who purchased a meal ticket was also entered in a raffle for gift cards to stores in the Statesboro area. 

 Delta Tau Delta prepared the meal. “We took turns staying up all night, stirring the BBQ and baked beans,” Delta Tau Delta sophomore David Rojas said. “It was awesome to have such a large hand in such a great event that helps spread information on lung cancer.”

 “I think it is a great event that will help out with lung cancer research,” Rojas said. “The event grows every year and by that we will be donating more and more money each year.”

 “Our goal is to not only raise money for research, but to also spread information on preventing lung cancer,” said Alpha Delta Pi President, Sarah Kammer, who has participated in the event all three years. 

 Smoke Out for Lung Cancer was started by a member of Delta Tau Delta named Paul Tenzel, in honor of his father, who was diagnosed with lung cancer three years ago.


Emergency Alert System April 26, 2009

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messageYesterday, the 25th of April,  professor George Zinkhan, at the University of Georgia shot and killed three people outside a theatre. She killed his wife and two other men, who were all a part of a play at the theatre.  Zinkhan has not been seen since he dropped his children off at a neighbors after the shooting.

The police are continuing the search for Zinkhan. Since the theatre is so close to campus, the students have been alerted. I think that it is a fantastic idea to have students sign their cell phone numbers up to an alert system. This way, the campus/police can spread information quickly during an emergency.

While attending Georgia Southern University, I have received, e-mails, phone calls, and text messages from the campus reporting serious weather reports. If anything was to happen on the campus, we could also be notified quickly. With today’s fast growing technology, sending messages is a great idea. Almost everyone has a phone, and if you have not noticed, students around school are constantly looking at their phones. Lives can be saved with this idea. If you have not already signed your phone number/e-mail up for the emergency alert system, you should!


Inside PR Podcast April 8, 2009

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Inside PR Podcast is hosted by Terry Fallis, Martin Waxman, and David Jones. You can listen to this podcast by clicking on You may also email them with comments or questions at

These men use comedy to make the listeners pay attention. These men make the conversations flow just like a regular conversation.

Today’s conversation was based on the use of Twitter. The hosts talk about how in the past month, Twitter has become extremely popular.

Terry talked about how he has not become addicted to using Twitter, like his co-host David. Terry said that it is difficult for him to catch on, and he does not see the big excitement over it.

They described it as group internet chating. It is a public  broadcast. People use Twitter for random thoughts and to respond to what others had posted. Martin and David said that they use Twitter constantly, even while they are ordering lunch.

Martin claimed that he followed more people than people following him. He claimed that he is in the “wow, Twitter is so amazing” stage.  Martin has 1667 followers. He said he is not out to follow as many people as he can, or get as many people he can to follow him. He is using Twitter for social purposes. He follows popular people, for example, the Mayor of Toranto.

They talked about two subjects: How Public Relations engage with Twitter and how clients might engage with twitter. Professionals, students, and all people inbetween are using it.

They talked about how professionals in the Public Relations field can use twitter to get clients, ask opinions to different situations, or just advertise their expertise. They predict that more professionals will join Twitter in order to keep up with technology.

Clients might engage in Twitter in order to find a professional for the specific job they need assisted with. Clients could type in key words, so they could follow someone dealing with the same area. Twitter allows people to follow conversations back and forth. This allows them to get an idea of the popularity of the product or professional being talked about.

 It was interesting to listen to these men talk about their opinion on Twitter. I liked hearing their points of views because they were not all obsessed with it. One was fairly new on twitter, one was a pro, and the other had no idea what he was doing while on the site.