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PR#2330 April 30, 2009

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computer-picThis blog is dedicated to my Intro to Public Relations class and the organization built into it. Barbara Nixon is the perfect teacher for this job because not only did she expose us to every aspect of public relations, but she went into great detail. I can honestly say that I have learned the most in this class than any other class this semester. Now, I might be bias to this class because it is my major, but Professor Nixon has made me realize that this is the field I want to pursue.  This class explained each section thoroughly. Examples used in ever day life were given in order to better understand.  Professor Nixon had an audio every Monday on questions about recent news events. This helped me to remember that public relations is all about keeping up in what is going on with the world. A client wants a professional who is well informed in every area.

Technology is extremely important in the public relations world. Professor Nixon taught her class with every type of technology available in order to give us a taste of them. She taught lectures with power point, slideshare, and youtube videos. She opened our eyes to Twitter and of course WordPress.

Allowing us to see various forms of how public relations is used within technology helped me understand the overall concept. I now know what is needed in order to be successful in this field. This class was the perfect introduction into a career of public relations.


News Releases April 29, 2009

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In our Introduction to Public relations class taught by Barbara Nixon we discussed what needs to be in a news release in order for it to be properly formatted.

1.       Letterhead with address

2.       The words “News Release”

3.       The words “For Immediate Release” or “Embargo”

4.       Media contact information

5.       Headline (and subhead)

6.       Dateline

7.       Lead

8.       Quotations

9.       Body

10.    Page slugs

11.    Additional contact information

12.    Boiler plate

13.    End sign


News releases are sent out to announce an event or new product. The release can either be posted right away or can have a date

when it needs to be published later on. It is important to have these 13 points within a news release. Having contact information

for the company and the writer is important in case more information is needed. A page slug signals when a news release

continues on to a another page. It can either be seen as either a “-30-” or “xxx” or “###.” This tells the editor that the release is

also on another page. Another point that might be confusing to understand is “boiler plate.” This means that the writing can be

used over again. For example, the company’s history does not change so you can use it again and it does not change in the press



News releases are a great way to spread the word out to the public. You can write one months in advnace or send it in when it is time for it to be printed. The news release you write needs to be interesting and catch the editor’s eye so that it will be printed in the paper. news-release


What is Public Relations? April 28, 2009

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In Barbara Nixpron’s Public Relations class #2330 discussed our personal definitions on what “public relations” means.

My definition is: public relations deals with communicating information about an event or company to the public, whether it be through advertising or speeches.

We then watched a video with professionals giving their information. I took notes throughout the video and wrote down the facts on what PR professionals need to be with that I strongly agreed with. Here is the list I came up with.

  • PR professionals need to know the next  question the client is going to ask before they ask it. Being well informed with the facts while working with a client, will not only show that you are dedicated, but that you are intelligent.
  • Professionals tell stories of past experiences. This shows that they can handle any situation that arises.
  • Professionals adapt rapidly. They learn the style of the client so that they can work together to please them.
  • Professionals have a backbone. They work to please the client, but also know when to stand up and voice their opinion in order to receive the best results.
  • Professionals must be up-to-date with technology. I know I have written about this numerous times, but I find it to be very important.
  • Professionals must have passion in what they do. Passion drives people to success.
  • Professionals must be creative. They have to be able to come up with ideas that are “out of the box.”
  • Professionals must know the client’s company well. Being well informed with the background of a company will help you get to know them, along with their needs.

In Repsonse to Study Tips April 25, 2009

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I read “How To Study for Final Exams,” and found it very useful.

As a sophomore at Georgia Souther University, I still find not only finals week, but the weeks prior to finals extremely stressful. I spend many sleepless night, either studying for a quiz, preparing for a speech, or just plain worrying over how much work I have to do the next day. These tips helped me to form a plan to stress less in these next few weeks.

I found some of these tips I found most useful. I have also added some of my own.

  • Write out the day and time of each final. This way you will know when you will have time to study for that final and how much time you will have after to study for the following final.
  • Always go to final review sessions that professor have outside of class. This is a grea time to ask questions and get more information on the topics that will be questioned during the exam.
  • If you have a final online, I suggest you use a computer on campus. It is rare for computers to lose internet connection or crash while on campus. There have been numerous times when my own computer has shut off or lost connection while I was typing a paper or taking an online quiz. Taking the exam on a campus computer will also ensure that you will have less distractions, like a tv or food in the kitchen.
  • Do not stay up all night studying the night before the exam. There are hundreds of horror stories of students pulling an all nighter and then passing out right before the exam, thus missing it. Some professors might understand, but others will not see this as an excuse. It would be terrible to receive a zero on the final exam after you spent hours studying for it.
  • On the day of the exam, make sure you eat breakfast. Do not drink too much coffee or coke because this could cause you to not be able to concentrate.

Good luck to all of you these next few weeks. Work hard because these last papers and quizzes could make all the difference!desk-cahirs1



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dominos-pizzaDuring a Public Relations class with Professor Barbara Nixon, we watched a YouTube video on a couple of teenage employees working at Dominos Pizza. The video showed these employees making orders to deliver out to customers. The young man in the video put cheese up this nose along with blowing his nose onto the sandwich he was preparing. The young woman urges him on as she video tapes him.

This video is not only disgusting, but it ruined a large company’s reputation. Thousands of families across America will now think twice before they pick up their phone to order a large cheese pizza.

I do not think that people realize that what they do affects others.  The students that made this video claim that it was a joke and that the orders were never sent out. Even if this is true, they seriously hurt the company.  Although Dominos apologized a couple days after the event, the public is still unsure. Professor Nixon made a good point in our class on the fact that it took Dominos two days to send out an apology on the internet. I feel like that they should have reacted instantly. Taking their time makes it seem as if they do not find this issue to be a big deal.

Public relations is based on organization and being prompt. Apologizing two days after the issue is not prompt. They could have handle this situation differently in order to show the public that they matter.